Welcome! I'm a conservation scientist passionate about the conservation of carnivores and their prey. My research has been primarily linked to small mammal management for sustainable hunting and the conservation of predator communities in Mediterranean ecosystems. Many of my findings have provided an important contribution for policy-makers to design species-specific conservation strategies of threatened species in Iberia, namely the Iberian Lynx Action Plan that included guidelines for the reintroduction of the species in Portugal.


My current research focuses on the effects of human-driven environmental changes, such as landscape fragmentation and climate change, on carnivore population ecology to design improved management and conservation strategies, using Lynx species from North America and Europe as models. 


Finally, working in applied conservation science is often more about working with people than with a particular species of interest. Therefore, conservation biologists typically work at the interface of ecological and human dimensions. For that reason, and although my main drive has always been a career in science, I believe that the experience of working in different environments (outside academia) has been invaluable: not only has it helped increase my understanding of the challenges society faces when it comes to the conservation and management of natural resources, but also of the disparity of views on how to address those challenges. Together these experiences, plus the incredible people I've met along the way, have shaped who I am as a professional (and as a person) and make the job of a conservation biologist the best in the world!

Nationality: Portuguese

Permanent resident status in Canada

Member of the IUCN Lagomorph Specialist Group

Member of the IUCN WCPA Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group

Portuguese College of Biologists (Permanent member nº 2870)

Credential nº 213/03 for the elaboration of hunting projects. Portuguese National Forestry Authority (AFN)