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Science & Society

Recently, I've become more and more interested in the history of science and in promoting scientific literacy both within academia and of society as a whole. Under that topic, the major scientific outputs relate to improving the peer review system in academia, and reinforcing the important role of fieldwork studies in conservation science. In addition, I'm currently collaborating with BioCórima A.C. on two projects about social perception of sustainable hunting and land conversion in Mexico in order to identify the best pedagogical strategies that will enable the general public (particularly young people) to critically engage in the debate of these relevant environmental and social issues.

Participation in specific projects:

2016 "Percepción de los visitantes del Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey (PNCM) sobre el cambio de uso del suelo por desarrollo urbano". P.I.: Dr. Carlos António Ríos.Saldaña (BioCórima A.C.), Mexico.​

2016 "Percepción y conocimiento sobre la biodiversidad y el aprovechamiento sustentable: Una encuesta entre jóvenes de distintas instituciones educativas". P.I.: Dr. Carlos António Ríos.Saldaña (BioCórima A.C.), Mexico.​ Project outline here.

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