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Global Change Ecology

My current research focuses on the effects of contemporary environmental change (specifically global climate change and landscape fragmentation) on biodiversity, in particular, mammals. The following lines summarize past and ongoing projects and corresponding scientific outputs.

Participation in specific projects:


2013 “Development of models predicting large-scale connectivity and sustainability of Canada lynx populations”, Funding: NSERC, P.I.: Dr. Dennis Murray (Trent University), Canada.

CONTRASST is a collaborative project funded by the European Comission, through a Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant, that aims to investigate the determinants of landscape connectivity in cat species, across gradients of scales and climates, using Lynx sp. in North America and Europe as models. It started in January 2015 and ended in December 2017.


Click here for media coverage of CONTRASST by ERA-Can+.

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