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Wildlife Management

My love for wildlife and my motivation to advance its management has led me to develop a very applied research agenda,  mostly using small mammals as models to address several questions. The scope of my research ranges from investigating the effects of specific management measures on population dynamics of rodents and lagomorphs, validating population monitoring indexes, and describing conflicts between different sectors of society over these species to developing more purely ecological studies such as how diseases can impact wild populations and entire ecosystems, how morphological differences between taxa may inform management, and which factors drive mammal dietary choices in Mediterranean ecosystems. Other studies included reviews of the body of knowledge on mammal population management and conservation in the Mediterranean basin.








Participation in specific projects:


2015 "SOS RABBIT", Funding: Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Fund, Portugal, P.I. Dr. Paulo Célio Alves (CIBIO-InBIO). Click here and here to know more!



2006-2013 “Small game management in the Azores, Portugal”, Funding: Regional Government of Azores (Ministry of Environment), P.I.: Dr. David Gonçalves (CIBIO-UP), Portugal.


2007-2010 “Conservation of a species of preferred interest in Castilla-La Mancha: the wild rabbit.” Funding: JCCM-CSIC, P.I.: Dr. Rafael Villafuerte (IREC-UCLM), Spain.


2007-2010 “Epizootiology of viral diseases shared by the domestic and wild rabbit: conservation implications” (FAU2006- 00014-C02-02), National Research Institute and National Plan Investment, P.I.: Dr. Rafael Villafuerte (IREC-UCLM), Spain.


2006-2008 “Relationships between predation risk and diseases in the wild rabbit” (PAI06-0170), Funding: JCCM-CSIC, P.I.: Dr. Rafael Villafuerte (IREC-UCLM), Spain.


2006-2008 “Monitoring and recovery of wild rabbit populations in the compensation area of Melonares dam (Sevilla)”, Funding: Melonares UTE – Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir, P.I.: Dr. Rafael Villafuerte (IREC-UCLM), Spain.Portugal.

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