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European Red List of Hoverflies 2022
European Hoverflies: from assessment to conservation planning 2022
Ferreira & Klutsch 2021
While in Brussels (2018-20)

PCI Energy Days 2019

Red List

Final event LIFE European Red List IUCN 2019


Final event LIFE Green List IUCN 2019

MCAA General Assembly 2017

MCAA General Assembly (2017)

Workshop on Functional Connectivity

Workshop on Functional Connectivity (2017)

MCAA NA Chapter

Launch of the MCAA North America Chapter! (2017)

3rd Diaspora Meeting - panel discussion

Panel discussion on Transatlantic collaboration between Europe and North America (2017)

Preparing samples for stress hormone analysis (Canada, 2016)

Feeding a chipmunk at the Toronto Wildlife Centre (Canada, 2016)

Livro gestão coelho-bravo Açores 2012

Livro gestão coelho-bravo Açores (2012)

SW Alentejano and Vicentina Coast, Portugal (2007)

Capturing European rabbits (Parque Natural do Vale do Guadiana, Portugal, 2004)

My faithful companion for 12 yrs chilling after a hot, hard day at work!

Vaccinating juvenile rabbits (PNVG, Portugal, 2004)

Relocating a common genet caught inside a pen eating chickens...(PNSACV, Portugal, 2005)

Melonares, Spain (2007)

Radio-tracking European rabbits in Melonares, Spain (2007)

Competing in the Head of the Trent (Canada, 2013)

Barred owl (Stone Mills, Canada, 2016)

Canadian at heart...(Canada, 2015)

Eastern Grey Squirrel (Canada, 2015)

Red squirrel (Canada, 2015)

Beaver at Algonquin National Park (Canada, 2015)

Algonquin National Park (Canada, 2015)

Enjoying the Canadian Fall (Canada, 2014)

Course on small game management directed to wildlife managers (Córdoba, Spain, 2011)

Preparing for the PhD defense...(Ciudad Real, Spain, 2011)

Talking about lynxes to Elementary school students (Silves, Portugal, 2010)

Bringing an Iberian Lynx to the species Captive Breeding Centre, Portugal (2010)

Interacting with Eucalipto, a hand-reared Iberian Lynx at CNRLI (Silves, Portugal, 2010)

Live trapping European rabbits using ferrets in Valencia, Spain (2009)

Live trapping European rabbits using ferrets in Valencia, Spain (2009)

Live trapping European rabbits using ferrets in Valencia, Spain (2009)

Hoces del Guadiana, Spain (2009)

Parque Nacional de Cabañeros, Spain (2009)

Hungry red fox captured in rabbit warren in Melonares, Spain (2007)

Environmental Education: visiting a burnt forest and explaining the impacts of fire on biodiversity (PNSACV, Portugal, 2004)

Environmental Education: explaining the importance of dunes (PNSACV, Portugal, 2004)

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