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Species at-risk conservation

Aside from my interest in improving wildlife management, my passion for terrestrial carnivores led me to spearhead and/or collaborate in a few studies related to endangered species conservation, including with species at-risk in the American and European continents.

Additional scientific outputs:

Ferreira, C. (2010). Etologia e enriquecimento ambiental – season 2009/2010. Final report. Iberian Lynx Captive Breeding Centre and the ICNB. 136 Pp.


Ferreira, C. (2010). A manejabilidade do lince-ibérico (Lynx pardinus) em cativeiro como indicador de bem-estar animal. Preliminary report. Iberian Lynx Captive Breeding Centre and the ICNB. 24 Pp.




Participation in specific projects:

2014-2015 “Analysis of factors that influence jaguar (Panthera onca) spatial distribution in the Municipal Protected Area “PAMPAS DEL YACUMA" (Santa Rosa del Yacuma, Beni, Bolivia", Funding: IDH, Bolivia, P.I.: Dra. Silvia Ten (CIBIOMA/Universidad del Beni), Prof. Nuno Negrões (CIBIOMA/ACEAA)

2005-2006 “Implementation of the Operational Environmental Program: Conservation of species and habitats of the SACV Natural Park", Funding: ICNB – Portuguese Ministry of Environment, P.I.: Dr. Catarina Ferreira (CCF- Natural Resources Management, Lda.), Portugal

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